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Gimpy Mumpy is a Hip Crip who enjoys sharing her disability experiences. Miss Mumpy has acquired an assortment of impairments including Chronic Pain, TMJ, Spinal Fracture, Pars Defect (Congenital), Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), Spondylolisthesis, Failed Back Surgery, Leg & Foot pain and numbness, Hip Flexion Contracture, Shoulder & Elbow Tendonitis, Asthma, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Migraine. Spread the Mumpy love.


Gimpy Mumpy is also known fondly by friends as the Gimpster, the Mumpster, Gimpius Mumpius, Miss Mumpy and her honorable royal gimpness Queen Mumpy of Gimpland and all of Cripdom. Ahem. Gimpy Mumpy was also once called Mumplestiltskin. Once.

Since all authorship and artwork at is done by Gimpy Mumpy there will be new posts each day except for in the following circumstances:
1. Gimpy Mumpy goes to hospital (on vacation).
2. Gimpy Mumpy goes on vacation (to hospital).

**Warning: Gimpy Mumpy is not a purveyor of medical advice. She is a cartoon. Do not take medical advice from Gimpy Mumpy. Do not get mad at Gimpy Mumpy. She is a cartoon. Unless of course you enjoy wasting your time getting mad at cartoons, then of course be my guest.**

If you would however like to send death threats such as, "I have an eraser and I know how to use it!," other constructive criticism, or would just like to chat with Miss Mumpy, then you may email her at:
[email protected]