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April 29, 2005


Gimpy Mumpy

Nice! I'm not alone.
Well, when I feel bad about the crip stink I remember stories of how my able-bodied fiance lived in an apartment that had multiple bathrooms and not only was the kitchen sink full of rotting dishes but also the BATHTUBS were full too! Major stink.


For real. It frightens me to think what I would do to a place if I had more space than a studio apartment. And my garbage only has to get out as far as the chute in the hall, yet it still builds up. We won't discuss the last time I vacuumed. Nor will we discuss how much picking up I'd have to do before I'd have the visible floor space TO vacuum. Oh, and the plates in the sink. The plates in the sink are the bane of my existence. I am seriously considering the practicalities of throwing them away and starting anew. Yup, definite crip stink.

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