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April 27, 2005


Gimpy Mumpy

No follow-up yet. Mr. No-Personality is, ahum, a busy man and so I guess I have to wait until my follow-up appointment after the CT scan. My CT is on Monday May 9th and my follow-up is on May 19th so I get to obsess about this for a few more weeks.
Hmmm....Discovery Health, that could be a cool gig but I have the same "curlyJewgirl hair" that you mention in one of your posts so it might have to air on a horror chanel instead. It was so bad in the hospital that when MY mom tried to help by putting it into pigtails I ended up looking like a damn Fraggle. Damn I laughed so hard I wanted to die, it hurt so bad, but it's one of my fonder hospital memories.


(Okay, yes, I've given up holding back and really am commenting on EVERYTHING).

So, did you get any follow-up about this? (I have to say that, as soon as I read the part about the birthmark, my first thought was NF. But I watch a ridiculous amount of the Discovery Health Channel, and they LOVE them some NF there). Still, it seems pretty unlikely. But, hey, if you do have it, maybe you could get a show on DHC. And be even more famous.

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