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April 04, 2005



For real, yo. The velcro on the collar part of my CTO (cervico-thoracic orthosis) likes to eat my hair. The velcro on the lifejacket (vest) part likes to attack and kill my clothing. I don't know what the hell the piece on my AFO (ankle-foot orth) does, but it seems like I'm constantly pulling hair and and other schmutz out of it and not only don't I want anyone to see it 'cause it's fug but also because it looks so dirrrrty. Hate. Velcro. I guess I should be grateful that it allows me not to wear the leather-and-metal callipers of days of yore, but at least those probably didn't try to eat or kill everything in sight. I mean, except for the cows or whatever that were skinned for the leather. Yeah.

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