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April 19, 2005



You know, I seriously think you are like my crip twin with all the parallel crap experiences (you say urologist, and I say gynecologist . . . let's call the whole thing off), and, for real? It's starting to freak me out. Figures, Joey can find himself an Identical Hand Twin, and I end up with a Fraternal (Upper/Lower) Back twin. I mean, no disrespect er nuthin', but maybe I can find me a Yummy Ice Cream Twin or something instead and stop having these stupid experiences?

(Sorry the Medical Whored was useless. But just keep sending the bills back to the office with a letter as to why you're not paying. They'll leave you alone eventually. Or, at least, not come back until you've either finally been approved for disability or ended up having to file for bankruptcy, in which case, who cares how many bills you have then?!)

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