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April 29, 2005



Please tell me you have a solution for the TENS units covers/hiders/cozies!!!!!!! I will gladly pay for your idea!!!!!

Gimpy Mumpy

Thanks Becky! I'm still working on getting some final products sewn so that I can put some up on my blog. The service dog accessories is a VERY cool idea.
I'm sorry it's taking me so long to put some actual products up for sale, but if I continue to be a slacker you can email me at or continue to post. Thanks :)


Word! Awesome idea -- I'd buy, like, ten. Especially if I could get matching accessories for my service dog! :)

Gimpy Mumpy

I wish I had the money to patent the TENS Cozy....maybe when (or if) I get my social security check(s). Hmmmm....maybe the government is keeping the money from me so that I can't patent my ideas, can't make great crip gadgets leading to Crip World Domination! It's a conspiracy!
p.s. About the wires, my Empi TENS has a booklet showing electrode pads and wires but my insurance doesn't cover Empi anymore so they no longer are speaking with me.......Oh, here I found a link to a Pdf of the same brochure:


(Okay, I didn't mean to comment on EVERY post, but each one is so awesome).
Best. Idea. Ever.
So much better than those stupid iPod socks that the Apple store is selling in sets of FIVE (maybe they're expecting that they'll get lost in the wash, too?) for a billion and six bucks that don't even make any sense.

But, every brand of TENS units seems to have a slightly different shape. I'm thinking it will have to be something very stretchy and still maybe custom-made until the Corporate TENS Makers catch on to your brilliance and order up enough from you to mass-produce them. Go patent this idea NOW, before Empi or some insurance company steals it.

P.S.: anyone know what to do when your lead wires start ripping? Am I going to have to get a whole new TENS unit or can you get replacement wires? I've never noticed those being sold separately. I've had my unit for over two years (back from when I was The Bad HMO that was good about giving me a free TENS, at least), so I guess I shouldn't be surprised; they've certainly held up better than my laptop's power cord (which is on its way to its second replacenment in less time than that) has.

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