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June 22, 2005



Unbelievable. But, not. Nearly ten years ago (wow!), I spent a semester studying in London. When the semester ended and it was time to move out of our flat, we discovered just how many magazines five young women could collect in four months. It would have been easier to just throw them out, but I thought it would be nice to bring them to the local hospital, figuring they could use them in the ER waiting room or give them to patients or use them for craft activities in the peds unit or . . . something. I packed what must have been several dozen pounds of magazines into my suitcase and dragged them ten blocks to the hospital. When I went inside and asked where I should bring them, the Waiting Room Watcher (??) looked at me like I was nuts. "Why would you want to do that?" she asked, as if this were a completely foreign concept. Hey, maybe it was. Maybe wanting something to read while you sit in an ER for eight hours is a strictly American concept. I have no idea.

Finally she agreed, still hesitant. "Um, I guess if you really want to leave them here, you can go scatter them around the tables yourself," all like, are you just trying to make me get up from my desk, stupid American? So, I walked around the very large room (which was remarkably empty; maybe they really DIDN'T need them because they didn't ever have a wait? Or just didn't have patients?), carefully placing a few magazines on each little table at each row of seats. I finished and left--with only an eye roll in response to my thanks and goodbye--feeling like I'd done something wrong rather than something nice.

Whenever I'm in a doctor's waiting room that only offers Fly Fishing in Florida or Kountry Krafters or Happy Homemaker to entertain me as I wait for five hours, I think about the very awesome magazines I left in that hospital and hope that someone enjoyed them. But I've never been tempted to do that again.

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