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June 29, 2005


James Medhurst

This is surely a spoof - I desperately hope!

Gimpy Mumpy

Eliza: "Giving Touch" may have stumbled across a whole other market there :P
Katie: Definitely, must let us US folk know if you ever make a trip abroad.
So far the Needies are not up for sale but expect to have a small release this Fall, if I find out ordering details I'll post a link. I would love all of the Needies, but not sure I could stroke Mossie now! Oh Eliza! :)
Stella: Know how you feel, I am getting better now that I am at home all day but still overcoming my reputation for having a 'brown-thumb.'


Given that the thought of owning a plant that requires me to water it gives me this strange tight feeling in my chest, i don't think i'd be cut out for having one of those needy things in my life. Someone gave me a Bonsai tree called Winona for Christmas and she lasted six weeks. I did actually try to keep her alive but, alas... RIP Winona.


Gosh, Mossie sure looks a bit phallic in that pic. ( ). "Giving touch," indeed.

(At my mom's house, we recently found my sister's old Furby stuffed away in a closet. It had probably been there since 1999. It didn't mind lacking attention for six years: one touch of the thing and its eyes opened and it began to sing. And it wasn't even jealous when we stuck our _Election_ tape into the VCR so the Furby could see its doppelganger, Reese Witherspoon. Of course, we didn't give touch to Miss Reese).

Katie Fraser

Oh wow, Those Needies sound cool! I want one! I have a dog like them that when you put your hand in their mouths they sing Old McDonald's Farm but your Needies outsmart my dog! Have you got one and where can you get them, Are they an American toy?
I would love to go to America, apparently you have a large Toys"R" Us which is where in a Uk store I worked. You'll have to meet me and take me if I ever come over.

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