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July 19, 2005


Gimpy Mumpy

Oh dear, I usually post a hyperlink to the original article, or articles......bit of an oversight, sorry :) You may have some luck with a Google search under news, there were a few different articles around the end of July '05.
Hal-5 is VERY exciting! Can't wait to see one here in the states :)


I know. I'm very excited about the Hal-5 too. It'd be a huge help for me as well. Where did you hear that it will be commercially available?

gimpy mumpy

Yes! Hail Robocrip-T. I will let you know if I find a source for these outside of Japan. I wonder if they come in pink for Robocrip-G?


I want one - where do I sign?

Seriously, though, I've been waiting for something like that to be developed ever since I read about something similar in a "this is what things might be like in the future" book I had as a kid.

Just call me Robocrip!

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