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September 06, 2005



So glad the book is out...Cass will have a new and very important audience with this.


Thanks to all. I really hoped never to upset anyone and thought very long and hard before starting Cancergiggles. Even then I was quite timid in what I wrote, but as time went on I discovered that people seemed to feel a sort of release to hear someone being brutally honest about such a traditionally difficult subject.
I hope that in time Katie, the grief can turn to smiles.

Katie Fraser

That's fine you two!
I miss my Mum a lot but I cope with it from talking to a counsellor and thinking about her and I always have the support of my family who cope with it too, and we all help each other.

Thank you for your support, you two!
I didn't know Cass was a man , I hope he is fine and that with the support he will be okay.
It must be hard for him to cope with things, but hope he has the strength to live with hid condition.
I don't mind talking about my Mum but sometimes it gets hard for me, but I get on with things that cheer me up.

Red Baron

BTW Katie, Cass is a big burly fella.

His take on things takes some getting used to, but to be honest if it ever happens to me I really hope I will have the same good humour and good grace as Cass. For those of us who believe that this life is all you get Cass sets an example of actually showing how to do something with it in spite of what is thrown at you.

I hope your Mum is at peace

Gimpy Mumpy

Oh,sorry Katie. Cass really has managed to find humor in such a difficult topic, but I can see why this is a hard one for you right now.

Katie Fraser

Good blog fom Cass Brown, but my mum had a bad form of cancer so find it upsetting. It's good that this girl can write one thing like that though. The grief is always around for me!

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