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September 10, 2005


Gimpy Mumpy

Oh no! sorry I asked! :P
Poor thing :)


He was wearing the collar after having his manhood taken away from him .... poor thing.

Gimpy Mumpy

Alex: perhaps these folks will return, read today's post and give us some insight :)

Tim: I think you have me beat! The dog one is frighteningly disturbing, but I love Your pic over at beepclick :)
Why was the cutie wearing the head collar? My parent's dog has had lots of surgeries, including a spine surgery similar to mine, and has had so many of those collars that it seems strange to see her without one. Great pics :)


Haha! There are some good ones there.

Searches that have found my blog include: "do people with muscular dystrophy drool" ... "keeping knees together while exiting car" ... and my personal favourite "masturbation muscular dystrophy" !!!!

The most disturbing search that found my photoblog was "amateur dog f***ers" ... !!?! What??! Then I noticed the second comment on this photo:

... and it all became clear.


I have often wondered how such things bring you to sites...I too have gotten some strange ones...let me know if you ever figure it out.

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