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October 04, 2005


Gimpy Mumpy

Katie I'm really sorry but I didn't even make it there yesterday. I ended up having a last minute doctor's appointment right in the afternoon when they were doing the unveiling :( After being poked and prodded by the docs I just wasn't up to a trip over to the site, especially with the tv cameras and all. I'm really sorry though. It's my Mumpy luck.

Katie and MB: These slippers are just great, funny and yet useful too!


Hi Gimpy,

I mentioned these just the other day on Ladt Bracknells blog. They used to sell these slippers in a catalogue that came with a tv listings magazine here in the UK. I've alwaya coverted a pair, mainly because of there utter ridiculousness.


Katie Fraser

Cool slippers Mumpy! I could do with a pair of them when it's dark in my house! Oh well, my birthday's coming, if you want to give an unexpected present to me! Ha! Ha!

how was it taking pictures of Ty and the gang, any good ones? Get an autograph off them?

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