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November 29, 2005



Great story Mumpy,

I aspire to be a mad, shouty old bloke when I grow up;-)

I'd be really good at shouting random nonsense at unsuspecting people in the street. It'll be fun. Even more fun if you're a crip.

Gimpy Mumpy

Yes I really do seem to encourage all sorts, I do smile at everyone so perhaps that is it. When the lady I wrote about's voice got louder and louder and everyone was looking at us while she's shouting "pee-pee" and more I didnt' know whether to laugh, worry if she was really alright (did she drive there?!) or tell the folks off for staring. Never a dull moment :)

The Angry Gimp

Wow. I thought I had some great stories about wacky people coming up to me and telling me random things, but this story takes the cake! Bwaahaahaha!

This lady makes some valid, although shaky and entirely unneccessary & TMI, points.

It sounds like you have the freak magnet as well. I don't know if it's the chair or the fact that I smile at strangers or what, but all kinds of people will come up to me and tell me just about anything out of the blue. It's really strange. Just today someone in the elevator at work started crying at me about how she had lost her food assistance card. (I helped her find it, she had dropped it in the lobby)

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