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November 06, 2005



I appreciate those of post-fire extinguisher. It helps me a lot of life in a safe house. I use to put them in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

james White

this is a great idea, do they make Co2, water and Foam versions of fire extinguisher? I would love to have one of these for my car.
I have a small extinguisher the 5kg one on here im look for something portable like you

Logo Design

it's good and funny for me, that much small.

Gimpy Mumpy

Erik, perhaps I was unclear. Although I did poke a bit of fun about PinQY's resemblance to a hand grenade, I was actually recommending your product.
As a disabled person I find the small, lightweight, compact design makes the PinQY an accessible fire safety device (unlike the standard heavy tank varieties).
-Gimpy Mumpy


Meet PinQY, the smallest extinguisher in the world.

However, before you give any negative comment, consider:

- PinQY complies with the same regulations as each extinguisher has to do. Those regulations are very difficult to obtain, so if PinQY would not be a serious extinguisher we would never have obtained certification

- PinQY is an 3A (ordinary), 13B (oil and fluids) and class C (gas: fi propane) powder extinguisher with an extinguishing capacity of 3,5 to 4 seconds

- The movies, as they can be seen at (choose movies) are NOT fake. People were filmed (by use of a handycam) killing a fire for the first time in their lives. So NO PROPANE was shut off to simulate extinguishment. You can always mail me at [email protected] and I will bring you in contact with the firefighters who were present if you would have any doubts.

- PinQY is supported by big insurancecompanies in Europa to promote firesafety in the houses of everyone

Why this special design?

Well, very simple. About 95% of american and european households do not have an extinguisher at home. If they should have one anyway, it is hidden in the garage or in a closet.

We designed PinQY so you can put your extinguisher there were it belongs. For instance, in the kitchen, where you can see it and use it immediately.

The capacity? It is not the size that matter, but the response time. If you cannot react immediately when you see a fire starting (fi in your kitchen) then get out of your house and call the firedepartement. This situation is for all extinguishers.

If you cannot grab an extinguisher immediately when you see a fire starting, no extinguisher will help at all. Even not an extinguisher of 10Kg.

The circle is round: new design so you can put an extinguisher in the neighbourhood of a potential fire hazard and react immediately. With 3,5 to 4 seconds you've got time enough.

see and check out and do not forget to watch the movies (on your left)

Kind regards,

Erik Crommelynck
PinQY SA - Luxembourg

ps each firefighter I have ever met was always very sceptic in regard of PinQY. Untill they used PinQY themselves.


It would make a nice T-shirt logo, too!


It almost looked like a festive and cheerful Christmas grenade in the first picture.

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