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January 29, 2006


Gimpy Mumpy

Becky, I've just clicked over and viewed your rainbow tattoo and it is gorgeous. Beautifully symbolic AND stylish!


I have a reminder wrist tattoo, although it's a bit more metaphoric than Ms. Lohan's. Mine's a rainbow (see my blog for pics). I got it when I was suicidal but had decided I wanted to live, damnit, no matter what it took. Water was my enemy (as a symbol of the emotions that were swirling over my head and as the literal means by which I ideaized my end), and so, following the example of G-d after the Great Flood, I put a rainbow to remind me never to let waters become a destructive force again. I have used it many times as something to focus on when life feels overwhelming, although the further along I get in my process, I see the rainbow as a sign of victory, of making it through the flood, and as a reminder of how life-giving emotion/water is when respected.

I have three other tats representing faith, courage, and life transformation, but I think my rainbow is my favorite. :)


I would put...Think first.


Don't be silly! She had that tatooed on her arm because she thought the blond hair dye made her forget to breathe.

Gimpy Mumpy

Great ideas all!
Yes, MB "stick" would be very helpful since I tend not to use mine in my home but can't get around without it otherwise and have left it accidentally only to have to hold onto walls to get around. People look at me as though I were a drunken mime :)
CD, you raise a good point. Before my spine surgery I was tempted to tattoo "Cut Here" on my back since I've read & heard so many stories of people having the wrong surgery done and once your anesthetized you can't say "Hey, I'm not in here for a sex change!" :P


This is true: a nurse in the UK has had the words DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattooed across her chest because she knows just how much attention is paid to patients' stated wishes on this.


I've got six already, but one I've always wanted is:


... but I don't know where to have it done.

As for a reminder, I'd get my name tattooed on my wrist so I could just show people - I have particular trouble saying it properly (crip lips!) and it usually takes a couple of goes before people work it out from my frothy-mouthed screams.


How about "This Way Up" with arrows pointing to the vertical ?!


I've never thought of getting a tat before, as the usual names and symbols are not the kind of thing I'd want to live with on my skin until I die.

A memory aid, though...That's got me seriously thinking. I'd want something which would make me smile, make me think positively about life, the world's population and myself. Can't really think what, exactly.

I like the idea of hidden tattoos better too, as I so love the sight of bare skin, and I like the idea of something hidden & secret, somehow!

Then there's the permanance. I can't think of something I'd know I'd want to always have on my skin - how would I know I wouldn't change my mind about it? Maybe I take these things too seriously!?


As one who has already been under the tattooists needle four times I'm not adverse to being inked. I positively enjoy it.

If I were to tattoo myself as a reminder for something I guess it would be 'stick' as I have a habit, especially when in the house, to hobble about without it. I usually do this if my leg isn't hurting too much. Obviously my ankle then seizes up and I'm buggered. I often find myself hopping about the flat looking for the bloody thing. In fact right at this moment my stick is in the bedroom and I am not. And I know that after a trip to the shops this afternoon my ankle is going to be very sore and stiff.

I'll never learn, unless I get inked of course. I imagine the hand would be the best place for a reminder. I'd see that. Unless it was cold and I had my gloves on of course ;-)

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