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January 16, 2006



I'm a big fan of those A&E crime shows. Not the recent new idiot shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Growing Up Gotti.. but Cold Case Files, American Justice, etc. I remember seeing this one show once where the murderer ended up being a person in a wheelchair. My first reaction was "cool!". Not that murdering anyone is cool, obviously, but I have to say I did enjoy seeing a disabled person portrayed as something other than "courageous", "special". Anyone can be a bad-ass, even people with disabilities. We're not all fuzzy and cute and wanting to be patted on the head. I thought it was just about time that there was some focus on the person behind the disability, and not have such subjects taboo simply because we feel we can't say something bad about someone who is disabled. And it certainly was nice to shatter that myth that all disabled people are honest, trustworthy souls. .

Happy and Blue

I guess anyone can commit crimes. Having someone carjack you using sign language would be upsetting. They would have to teach you sign language first..


Damn shrimp.

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