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January 18, 2006


James J. E.

Why am I not so surprised to hear of this situation? Now, if it did happen the way the story was told, the question as to how they got into the mall in the first place is really not important... We need to look at the end, because this is what counts...

The men should have a law suit against the 'owner of the mall', or the mall itself. Next, the secuirty guard should face 'criminal' penalty. This is clearly an act of real cruelty, and legal action, espcially criminal charges, are more than justifiable! Not years, but perhaps a few month in jail should be presented, along with fines. The two men should have sought legal advice at the least. We play active roles in shaping our society, therefore, we must take very seriourly our actions and make immediate attempts to correct the actions that we can for the sole sake of civilization.


This seems to be covered about as bad as Rodney King



I have to ask this.

How did the men get into the mall in the first place?


Certainly more than apology is in order here. A firing at the least should have occurred. What a horribly, horribly degrading experience.


This is beyond belief. Most of the things I'd want to do to this bloke would involve me serving a long prison sentence. However if I was being creative I would suggest covering him in jam (jelly) and placing him adjacent to a wasps nest. That'll teach him.


He should be made to walk around for at least one entire shift with a collapsed wheelchair tied to each ankle.

Happy and Blue

How did the men get into the mall in the first place.
The security guard should be put in jail for the night with a big guy named Bubba..

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