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January 17, 2006



I'm going to check out that Newport site the Angry Gimp mentioned too.
I have visited the Esther Williams swimsuit website and liked that there were descriptions, but it was a little tricky to navigate with the screenreader. It has some fun sound. I have a feeling it would be enjoyable to see. Not sure what the sites currently like. It's been a few months.
The idea of affordable swimwear appeals to me.
Here's hoping all your ceilings from now on will be sh**free, and nothings gonna stop you from floating.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thanks AG for the swimsuit link. Perhaps the new suit will give me better luck with pool therapy this time!
I have to admit that part of the problem was that at the time I was still recovering from surgery and wore a full hard body brace at all times, but they didn't have me in one in the pool. Ouch!
CD: Oh the good ol' days! I really am a bit scared to go back to that facility but it's the only one my crappy (hehehe) insurance will cover. Poo on the ceiling above my bed for an entire week was unforgettable and unforgiveable. I hope their rehab section is in better shape than the intensive care ward.


feces on the ceiling in ITU? Here in the UK we have just had a woman complain because maggots were crawling on her mother's face in the ITU. Bring back Florence Nightingale!

The Angry Gimp

Yikes. I love my pool therapy - good luck G. Mump! Might I suggest the Newport News catalog, where I get all my swimsuits. They have tons of them at reasonable sizes and of all shapes and sizes.

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