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January 14, 2006



Don't be foolish. You can't sue the shrimp. It's already dead. Now if you can find its descendants, that's where the money is.

Oh and don't forget the supplier of the shrimp. Fishmongers often have plenty of cash.


This litigious age is getting ridiculous. I always believed it was an American condition but in the last few years us Brits have given them a run for their money. Or rather unscrupulous lawyers has decided to pray on us. Never an commercial break goes by these days without a out of work actor tell us that we could claim thousands of pounds for tripping up in the street. When I had my accident 20 years ago this kind of thing wasn't about. Had I been able to calim no doubt I could have earned myself a pretty penny. Which would have been a travesty seeing it was all MY fault. Never let the truth stand in the way of a good lawyer.


There used to be a famous drunk restaurant owner in London who used to throw up over the customers or bite their ankles under the table; but flying shrimp is a hazard even he didn't think of!

Happy and Blue

LOL..Well it is really the shrimps fault. Those shrimps are always causing trouble..

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