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January 22, 2006



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Zmajrdb x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


Well, a search for "seamless swimwear" takes one to all sorts of interesting places!

Someone's got a patent on the idea:

Gimpy Mumpy

Aw! Thanks all for your suggestions. I'm tempted to take Marmiteboy's advice & go in the nude but since the pool is in a hospital I wouldn't want to startle any recovering patients :P
I also love Jacqui's idea of a custom Gimpy Mumpy swimsuit. Hmmmm....
My first visit was scheduled for today but we had a sudden blizzard (6 inches or so of snow) and had to reschedule for Friday. A few more days to find the perfect suit!


That's weird?! My first one didn't reach the second makes no sense! Anyways...9 pages of swimsuits at this site including 'blouson' style ones which might avoid touching your hurty bits (and flexible two-pieces that look like one piece).
I also said be careful with the black mould. It can be dangerous stuff. Wear a gauze painting mask until you have eradicated it. I found this out when my brother developed some nasty symptoms when this mould showed up when they had a loft conversion done. Quick search will show you some of the problems it can cause.
Now...will this send?!

Julie'll need to start at home page:- and enter 'swim' in the search box. The links were bad. Also, I should have mentioned, UK sizes are different from US ones. Check with the 'size guide' on the site.


Couldn't you design your own swim suit (one that's easy to get into in a dignified way) and have one of yr own logos on it and sell them on this site?

Anyone know where you get swimsuits custom made?

Mr Rightpaw does have a talent for kitchen disasters, and I have a mouldy corners in my bedroom, and extension. have yet to have a day quite like that one, but these bixarre 'I cannot beleive it' happenings do seem to happen in threes. Odd, that.


ould going sans swimming costume cause to mush of a stir in the pool then? It would solve the seam problem ;-)

Hope the hydro goes well. I loved it when I went and it really loosened me up as well.. The pool was so lovely and warm. It was like swimming in the bath.

The Angry Gimp

How about a string bikini, then you can adjust how tight the fabric is? Or maybe exercise wear? I've worn tank tops and shorts before...not one piece, but maybe they have something in that section of Target or wherever.

Good luck finding a suit and getting therapy!

Eww, moldy closet and kitchen fire. :-(

The Goldfish

There are a few really good lingerie & swimwear shops on-line - so you can order the stuff, do the trying on and send back anything unsuitable.

Figleaves for example has a facility to see both the front and back of at least some of their swinsuits (the ones I looked at - didn't check them all). Figleaves is of course a UK site, but they'll do international delivery.

Best of luck with your therapy, anyway.

Gimpy Mumpy

Oh, and don't even get me started on trying on these things in the dressing rooms offered. It's a bit like trying to put on a balloon with your arms tied behind your back whilst standing on ice with one foot in a teeny tiny wooden box.
I hope the folks watching the security camera have a good laugh. Next time I'm bring a sign for them. Hmmmm....what should it say?

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