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January 18, 2006


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aion power leveling

I still wouldn't let a resident intern practice on me, even with one of those!

Treatments For Spider Veins

I've being researching about Veins related problems fillers and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful :) . I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog!


That's a great device! My Mom is having chemo and all sorts of things at the moment which require lots of blood drawing, and she has really hard to find veins. I'm off to send her this link right now.

Gimpy Mumpy

haha, 16? That must be a record!
I remember once having a hell of a time trying not to a)puke, b)hyperventilate, c)scream, d)pass out whilst being unsuccessfully prodded when they said I COULD have had valium except that I hadn't completed a legal form yet. (guess I had to be in my right mind, ahem not my left) So I said "I'll sign it." Oh no, they said. It has to be done in front of a notary they didn't expent one in for 2 more hours! grrrr....


16 attempts was my record in both wrists when they were looking for an artery. They did manage to find nerves though - 16 times. I want one.

Katie Fraser

Hi Gimpy! That's a great gadget! I wish they could use one every time they find veins on me as it's always difficult sometimes, and my left arm's had so much blood taken out it sometimes feels limp!

Sorry for not having commented much on here lately, I have been reading it though, No one seems to have commented on mine much too so know that it happens to me!

The blog is fine and people can still comment on it as normal. Any way of putting a reminder on your blog to say that mine is fine to comment on still?


Thanks for your comment :)

I hope next time I need blood taking, they have one of these. I end up with massive bruises and puncture holes in each arm and still no blood!! My veins aren't stupid - they disappear at just the right time, as far as they're concerned!!

I still wouldn't let a resident intern practice on me, even with one of those!

Not unless I could try it out on them first!


The last hack that was on duty when I gave blood could have used that one.


Dracula's little helper?

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