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February 22, 2006



I'm seem to remember you inventing a whole team of crip Superheroes recently Mumpy. We will protect the world from patronising ex-crips and do-gooders with our 'special' powers :-)

Gimpy Mumpy

AG: Oh yah, she brought up the Chiropractor line too! It must be some reformed crip standard.

MB: Wow! I feel like a Crip Superhero after reading that. Thanks :)

The Angry Gimp

Ugh - what is wrong with some people? I'm always running into people who tell me I should go to the chiropractor. The last thing on earth I need is someone messing with my brittle bones. As if I haven't tried that already? Grr.


It's like ex-smokers. Always the first to wave away smoke from there face and tell you just how easy it is to give up the dreaded weed.

I can only imagine what ex-crips are like. Smug bastards I bet, telling you how wonderful it is to be pain free. And we thought doctors were bad.

Unsolicited advice is just so fucking patronising. You get the impression that they think that you haven't ever thought about the advice given.

Patronising Cow: You dress far too quickly you know. If you slowed down it wouldn't hurt so much.

Miss Mumpy: Oh thank you kind lady. If it wasn't for you I'd be in so much more pain. I'm going to hang around like a poor helpless cripple now and wait for do-gooders like you to help me. I'm only here so it'll make you feel good about yourself.

Patronising Cow: I know dear, I expected you were too stupid to know any better. Here let me wipe your arse while I'm here.

Miss Mumpy: Why you're at it EAT LEAD (Mumpy pulls out a Magnum and shoots Patronosing Cow until she is dead)

Mumpy's pals: Hurrah for Mumpy :-)


All-purpose reply to unsolicited advice: "Gosh you seem so knowledgeable. Can I have your phone number?" [Let them give it to you.] "There, now I have your number, if I ever need advice. Like a lot of times, I'm needing advice at 3am--are you free then? Okay, talk to you soon."

Gimpy Mumpy

Grrrrr......poor N!

Well I just went to another doctor's appointment where they gave me another TB test. After giving me a jab they then said I had to be back there between 4:30 and 5:00 Friday to have it examined. When I complained that they should have mentioned that first since I didn't drive and probably couldn't get another ride over late Friday they ACTUALLY had the NERVE to tell me that maybe I should have learning to drive as a physical therapy goal. The fucking cheek of some people. AND the two nurses were saying this to me while dressing me. grrrr.....


My mum has the incredibly bad habit of telling N (my friend and live-in carer) what she should be doing to "ease his [mine] burden". I mean ... my own bloody mother.

Unfortunately, since I moved out of my parents home they both seem to alternate between being the sort of people who think I'm only disabled while they're around and the sort of people who know what's best, despite the fact that N has spent 99% of her time with me during the last 6 years which have, so far, been my worst health-wise.

Parents, eh? They should be shot at birth!

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