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April 09, 2006



Let's see...Nope. When I need stronger classes, I'll go back to CVS.
I tried the home laminechtomy kit. It didn't work. Maybe because I stopped in the middle of the proceedure--I coulbn't find the Vice-Grips.

Attila the Mom

Egads, what's next?

Home vasectomies?

Becca of the beccaness

Now that, my dear Mumpy, is Darwinism in action.

Gimpy Mumpy

I'm with you MB. I love my glasses :)
Feeling a bit better today. Had a physio appointment this morning and my therapist agreed we should back off from some of the more aggressive exercises for now. He was not overly concerned about my hip pain, since it is very likely from a strained muscle or tendon.


This looks so dodgy. Instead of enjoying a life of clear sightedness you're more likely to enjoy a life of having no eyeballs left due to having them lazered out.

What's wrong with specs anyway? I love mine.

Hope you're hip is feeling easier Mumpy.


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