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May 29, 2006


annette mclaren

what a disgrace social services and the hospitals are to our county.
when thay know best
the only place in the world that has no compassion for the sick or elderly.
I m ashamed to be british
our countrey is a laughing stock to the rest of the world.


Yes. I read this too. I am in the UK and believe very strongly that people have a right to make their own decisions even if they don't make sense to us 'professionals'. To make assumptions about risk to self or others without a thorough analysis of the family situation is just plain stupid not to mention arrogant in the extreme. Just recently a friend managed to persuade the 'care' team that her grandmother was NOT dementing and simply had some problems expressing herself. Eventually, and happily, they listened and had to agree. Two weeks later she was at her Grand-daughter's wedding having a great time. BUT..what if she hadn't had such a clued-up and assertive grand-daughter? I'm afraid she would have been on a back ward / room ...over-medicated.


Where I work, we really try to respect the patient's wishes. As a social worker, I have to remind the team that if a patient is competent to make their own decisions, we must listen to their wishes, even if they are making bad decisions. If they are not competent, we must listen to the power of attorney or the substitue decision maker if there is no p.o.a. We can only intervene if we feel someone is making a bad decision that could risk harm. As it should be. But I often come across people who tell me to "this person can't go home, do something".


We have the same problem here. It seems that the logic is to put people in a farm where they can be tended too en masse instead of allowing them to stay where they are content and happy to be. Once they get grumpy and unruly they just medicate them into a stupor and request additional monies to cever the pills. Sad to say the least.

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