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May 09, 2006



If your back was going nuts at the time maybe she just decided that impednign dental work was too much to bear and checked out. It's good for your ego knowing that you can take more than a wee sculpted deity though!


I dunno. I think her losing of limbs and head is just a metaphor for Pain. But I wish she'd stayed intact.

Gimpy Mumpy

Yes, I think getting on without a head would be quite difficult. :)
With this logic though perhaps I shouldn't have super-glued her boobies back on after all.

The Goldfish

Well I believe that in some belief systems things happen to a charm or possession so that they don't have to happen to the owner - perhaps without the Goddess, you may have lost two boobies and a head by now. Which despite your troubles, can probably be considered a slightly worse scenario. ;-)

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