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May 03, 2006


Gimpy Mumpy

Thanks everyone :)

Fortunately I didn't come away from the experience with any permanent injuries.....or e.coli infection (now that would have had me looking out to complete the "shit" trifecta). No, just some bruises and the unpleasant feeling that a cow somewhere is laughing at me.

Attila the Mom

Ooooh Cow poo breath!

Let's go have some Margaritas (I'm kind of off rum at the moment)!

I'm really enjoying your blog. Gotta get me some of those fermented beans. :-)


I,too have noticed how far down the ground is, although cow poo and I have not made an accquaintance (except on this certain path I use to walk the dogs - twice a year).

I got around it by bringing the ground up to ME and gardening in pots. Big pots. For some reason I don't kill things in pots, but if I try to put a seed in the ground it hangs onto me for dear life, begging for clemency!


Hey, Mumpy, we have a saying in the North Country here, "Where there's muck there's brass [money]".


Timmargh: "Hiya Mumpy! How's your day been?"
Mumpy: "Shit!"


P.S. Hope you didn't hurt yourself ... :^(


Cow poo? I can't say I have had the honor of such an intimate association with that stuff. Anyway, what are you trying to grow? I hope it's something that you can eat or at least something that smells nice. I think maybe the "smells nice" variety is what you should shoot for. It might come in handy the next time your face down in the garden.

Eternally Curious your post over at Cancergiggles and laughed like crazy! Followed you here, to your own page, so I could laugh all over again!! LOVE your spirit!! <|:))

N. T... AZ.

As the saying goes.."Muck for Luck".!!!
Keep Smiling.

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