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May 18, 2006


Gimpy Mumpy

Ooh Croupier, yes! Do you think we can get a nurse or phlebotomist to lend us one of their stretchy rubber tourniquet thingies for making a Super-Mumpy-Slingshot-Icepack-Launcher?? :P


Oh man, I am cracking up at your awesomely smart PR move in the lobby. That so rules. I think you should ice yourself down with one of the icepacks, keep one at home, and throw the other two at your physical therapist and the rehab desk woman.


In my experience, NHS hospitals stock a special brand of ice-maker - it breaks down as soon as anyone needs a pack for a nosebleed or a sprain.

At one time we could go to the central kitchens and scrounge some ice from them, but apparently this is a Health & Safety no-no; why the ice should be different from a kitchen, I don't know.

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