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May 13, 2006



He obviously means "walk normal - for a duck"

Gimpy Mumpy

Exactly CD! So many times when they want flexion/extension x-rays done they ask me to bend at the waist, both forward and back. When I explain that I cannot since my spine is fused with rods and screws at the waist they act like I'm being difficult or making it up! Grrrr....if they questioned it then all they have to do is look at all that metal on the x-ray!!


The ones that really get to me are radiographers. They want you to distort your body and limbs into unworkable shapes to fit their damned flat plates, and when you can't they accuse you of "not trying" or "being unco-operative". The idea that if you could stand up straight in the first place you wouldn't be here being X-rayed, never seems to occur to them.

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