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May 30, 2006



Cass was at his best with that idea!! Inspirational. It wouldn't matter that you had to play it straight...just thinking of the penguins and the egg whisk would give you the upper hand! What a wonderful image...

Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you James. Sorry to hear that something like this has happened to you as well.
Isn't it frustrating?? My trouble with completely terminating PT with this therapist at the moment is that there is noone else to go to in my area (not with the spine specialty that is). I am very much on the look-out though for a new PT.
Thanks for your comment :)

James Medhurst

This is appalling. Something similar happenned to me once before, involving a counsellor of mine. She wisely decided to stop having me as a client. I suggest that you break off this relationship as well.

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