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May 31, 2006


Attila the Mom

Eww eww and ewww!

Oh yeah, one more.



I actually had red bean ice creama dn thought it was awesome! I'd try soya sauce ice cream if I could put it on a heaping bowl of rice ice cream.

Gimpy Mumpy

I think the most bizarre icecream I have had was Mango icecream at my favorite Indian Restaurant. They make it with Rose Oil. I liked it but everyone else thought it was a terrible combination! :P

Thanks Ruth. Glad if I could help :) I love to cook, so finding ways to adapt to my kitchen and food prep was a big priority for me. No more Mac N Cheese for me!


hehe how did the appointment go?

thx for stopping by my blog with your cooking suggestions - they are much appreciated!


I once tasted ice cream flavoured with cardamom. It was very nice.

Gimpy Mumpy

Hahaha, what next? Marmite flavored icecream?


I'd actually try this ice cream, Mumpy. Does this make me odd in any way? Yo never know, it might be yummy. Or perhaps not ;-)

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