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May 23, 2006


Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you all for your support this past week. At my Friday appointment I brought a witness and confronted my physical therapist. I am going to give him another chance, but made it VERY clear that if he betrayed my trust ever again that I would not continue to be his patient and would make official complaints.
The upside of the meeting was that with him cornered my mom and I had an opportunity to discuss the long history of my care with him and it was obvious from the start that he was completely clueless of my medical history.
I will be keeping my eyes open for any other spine pt folks around of course, but it my brief searches last week I could not find anyone close enough for me to travel to. *sigh*
Will keep fingers crossed for how things go this week!


To the unsinkable Ms. Mumpy,
I had a bear of a time w/ my pain management doc whose notes all seem to teflect back on my comment to him thay I wasn't going to whine and moan, except for those times when I couldn't help it. I've tried to always have a good attitude, you know, bright side of the road- not giving-up.
This has only slowed my treatment. I'm not honest, you see. To get what I need I have to make a BIG stink everytime I see him. If I say I'm feeling optomistic, he slaps a tag on me that says, LIAR.
This rotten thought goes through my head: spend one hour, of any day in my shoes, feeling what I feel. Then he will have earned the right to tell me that my self-diagnoses is dishonest. Then he can say to me, when you feel like that, you shouldn't tell me your feeling better.
For God's sake, writing my blog makes me feel better. Your friend, Colin

Gimpy Mumpy

*still laughing*
'note to self, mention penguins, bring egg beater, stock up on chocolates' :)

I still can't believe all of this. You know what the one counselor I did agree to go to said about me? She complained that I 'smiled and laughed too much for someone in my situation.'
Hmmmmm.....must make them uncomfortable. Crips aren't supposed to laugh you know. It threatens the sad little disabled girl stereotype. Wouldn't want to do that now would we? ;p


Make only one more visit to the PT. Talk non stop about penguins and their attacks on your home and how you feel counseling could solve your problems. Threaten him with an egg whisk. Cross the road to your doctor - be rational, deny everything you have just said and done with the PT.
Home for chocolates and giggles.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you both! I was feeling exactly the same way, but felt I needed to sleep on it. The trouble will be finding another physical therapist who specializes on the spine and who's medical practice accepts my insurance.
I am starting to feel like I am running out of options. There is another person on his spine team whom I like but I am not sure I want to go to someone in the same office and who he has had an opportunity to give false info to. *sigh*
I could really use a vacation! :P


This is outrageous Mumpy. No medical practioner has the right to do what they did. I agree with Charles, maybe it is time to go get another PT. I know it may be an upheaval to change but this guy (I take it it's a guy) is obviously very unprofessional. He has no right to treat you like that. Is there anyone you can officially complain to? Good luck if you decide to move on. You deserve to be treated better than this.


Yes, that is a gross piece of professional misbehaviour. Sounds to me like your PT has reached the stage where he feels he owns you - this can happen to any healthcare worker - and when it does it's time to bail out. If he can't let go or see you as an autonomous being then I suggest you do, with or without confrontation. (Is confrontation worth it? You'll only get your guts in a tangle.) You will not be able to trust him again and that will adversely influence your therapy. You are fortunate that your doctor seems to have a proper attitude. Better luck in future!

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