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June 29, 2006



Send him some roadkill.


You could send him some gift certificates for one of thsoe correspondence schools with the suggestion that he find a new occupation. If that's out of reach then you can just xerox you butt and mail that to him.


Send him 'the finger'.

Not a Happy Anniversary exactly Mumpy, but keep on keeping on.


I think your climate in New England is similar to ours in Old England, and at this time of year the raspberries here are ripening.

I should send him a nice big bagful and see it he gets the idiom.


Hi Gimpy Mumpy

Send him a scented 'Happy Anniversary' card (you choose which pong), then claim the mailman must have dropped it in the ....

I send you a hug.

And to celebrate/commisserate - Champagne always does it for me.

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