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June 09, 2006


Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you Jacqui! That link is very helpful :)


Well, I'd say take professional help, but...

I found this website...

I can identify a bit because I had pain around my pelvis & hips in (and after) both my pregnancies and still have pain in my left hip. I find it helps if I push on my hip joint when I stand up now. Back when I was pregnant, the pillows in bed was a must. Pelvis floor exercises were/ are really helpful.

Gimpy Mumpy

My PT is borrowing some x-rays to show to the spine team again.
*fingers crossed that they can DO SOMETHING*
BTW, anyone know of anything that help this problem? I continue to aggravate when active but have a very hard time staying on bed rest.


Yep, this is just what we need....Delay of diagnosis... sigh. Gimpy, no offense or nuthin' but that PT needs to be taken out back behind the woodshed and shot down like a dawg.


I think your PT should have had a clue from the amount of relief you got from your support belt. Those belts hold everything that is hyper-mobile in a more fixed position. Poor you! Both areas are seriously painful. Were you allowed to keep the belt, by the way?


Well, now they've found out about this finally, are they going to be able to do something to ease the pain??....I mean apart from the pain you're gonna inflict with ya upper arms on each one of the *****s who missed this. And on any PT should they EVER put you through those Godawful exercises ever again!


I have a friend who broke his neck and it wasn't diagnosed for months, even missed on X-ray - oh, you've got these terrible head pains? take paracetamol and stop bothering us!

Have you checked your neck lately, Mumpy?

Gimpy Mumpy

No CD, unfortunately it has been completely overlooked. Another thing that all (over 20 now) docs I've seen have ignored when I complain of it. In fact I've had PT with this therapist where I've spent the session grabbing the, er area of pain, and saying I can't go on due to the groin pain....only yesterday when it was very irritated from stepping down off from one step (adventurous of me eh?) he did some examination stuff, having me move certain ways which of course set me to sobbing and screaming in front of the entire PT rehab unit.
Now it couldn't be ignored and he had just spent a great deal of time trying to help another poor soul who had a botched surgery by my surgeon so I think he was a bit more understanding and sympathetic.


hey mumpy, have you seen this?


Do you mean he has trawled through your records and just discovered this tiny fact lurking unnoticed among the data??


Ouch! One of the harder parts of pregnancy (for me) was being constantly, painfully aware of the pubic symphysis for months at a time, while it was "spreading" (isn't that a lovely thought).

But three YEARS? Again I say, OUCH.

Wheelchair Dancer

Hey Gimpy Mumpy...No names here but one of my nearests and dearests went through separation of pubic symphysis, sacrum fractures, and many many other pelvic fractures. Nearest was treated in NYC.... All I have to say?? OWWWWWWWWW. My sympathies.

PS -- LOVE your 'freaky" upper arm strength.

Wheelchair Dancer

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