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July 31, 2006


Site id no longer.. what a shame...too many people abuse the handicap parking areas and deserve to be shown for public embarrassment!

Site id no longer.. what a shame...too many people abuse the handicap parking areas and deserve to be shown for public embarrassment!

Site id no longer.. what a shame...too many people abuse the handicap parking areas and deserve to be shown for public embarrassment!

Colin M. Sullivan

I swear, never, ever in my life did I park in a handicapped spot, until I became handicapped, and got the plates. Never, NOT ONCE. It really ticked me off too, when I saw some Mommy, or a podiatrist, with "Foot Doc" plates, wearing cowboy boots in NYC, blithely leap from his sportster and head for the mall leaving cars in handicapped spots. I tried to help-out, and was polite.

"Do you really think you should do that?" or "What if someone , who is handicapped needs that spot?"
Most people would ignore me, pretend I wasn't talking to them just like people who cut the line at the movies do when they're caught. Since this didn't work, I took a more proactive approach. Instead of talking, I'd yell until I either got a response, or someone else joined the altercation. This usually worked, and the creep would move the car, not without yelling back, but ultimately moved the car.

However, some people were clever, particularly if someone else was watching.

"I am handicapped, but this isn't my car."
" I lost the tag."
"Mind your fucking business."
However, this riposte always worked, " Oh, sorry, then you won't mind if I call a cop. Do what you have to do, I'll wait 'til he shows-up. You'll get towed, but don't worry. The judge will throw it right out." When I dialed, they'd move the car. Nobody waited for the cop. It worked every single time.

Now I am handicapped. Those spots are for me and you! Nonetheless, people still fight for the spots. These are my 2 favorite parking spot conversations. Both conversations happened when I pulled up to a handicapped spot at the same time as another driver, one who didn't have the tags, or the plates, and I did.

She: "I was here first." Me: "It's a handicapped spot. See my plates. You can't park here." She: "It never used to be a handicapped spot." Me: "It is now. You can't park here." She:" I'll just be a minute. You can wait right behind me. I'm telling the truth" Me: "What's so important anyway?" She "Oh, Thank you." Me: " No , I said what's so important anyway?" She " I'm late for my nail appointment. Thank you for your kindness. No one is nice anymore." Me: "Ma'am, please move your car. I'm calling the cops and I'm going to ask them to tow it" She: (now like a vampire) "I've never met such a rude, obnoxious..."
He:' "C'mon, man. I'm late. I been waiting f'ever. Me: "I know, It's a tough lot, but it's a handicapped spot. I'm handicapped." He: "C'mon, gimme a break (checks watch). Me: "No sorry, I hadda wait too." He: "Don't be a dick, I gotta get a crown fitted."
Crown fittings and fingernail appointments are important, but c'mon. Just in case you wondered who has the audacity to park illegally in handicapped spots, it's people like the above.

My modest solution is to buy my new militant Crip illegally parked in handicapped spot car window adjuster. It cools off illegally parked cars beautifully.

Think about it. One action, two good deeds: Put some money in my pocket, and perform a valuable public service.

Posted as a public Service, Hi, Gimpy! Fond regards, Colin



Why do you need to hide to take the photo? If you are concerned about your personal safety, then, yeah, you better be careful.

If you're concerned about breaking the law or breaching privacy, don't worry. We have been in discussion with the Privacy Commissioner's office and while they won't give "legal advice", the guidance we received was that the taking of photos was not illegal in the least, even taking photo of "personal information" such as a car registration number, as it is publically available.

And since the "personal information" doesn't, by itself, identify the individual, (and also because it was publically available to start with), there are no privacy issues under the Data Protection Act (or any other current UK Acts, nor, for that matter, the US and NZ Privacy Acts)

Ruth, looking forward to getting your submissions in :)


This is great! Now at least if I have to be inconvenienced because someone is illegally parked, I can take some action in an organized way. thanks for the post!


Now that is worthwhile, and for me to participate in the UK, all I need is a periscope with a camera phone strapped on, so I can hide !

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