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July 27, 2006


Gimpy Mumpy

Ahhh, and another brilliant example of this in the news today:

Gimpy Mumpy

That truly is sad CD.
This kind of experimentation makes me think of my new puppy. She is exploring and testing her environment as her intelligence grows and would just as happily chew an electrical cord as her ropey bone. I can't help but feel that there is a distinct parallel here between puppy development and human teenager development. The key thing that keeps my puppy safe is constant attention, intervention and interaction.
If puppies need guidance to know right from wrong, safe from dangerous then wouldn't it follow that human kiddies need the same sort of guidance?? 'nuff said.


Only yesterday, sadly, came a report in the UK of a young girl who died from sniffing deodorant. I presume an aerosol type.

As they used to say in my youth, some people will smoke anything.

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