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July 02, 2006



We've been thinking about this, too. The "emotional" and literal costs of care are high. There's no one good answer to it, obviously. But I was touched by Kathryn's post and wish that I could have similar conversations with my family.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you CD. Sometimes it is hard to tell (and to argue in defense of) whether I have slipped over the edge into Gimpy Selfishness. I've actually been told by many, including a psychologist *shudder*, that crip selfishness is something that someone like myself must be on the constant look-out for. When I read Kathryn's post it hit a chord....I'm glad for your personal and professional insight! :)


Gimpy, I have trained both as a nurse and as a teacher.

In both trainings it was emphasised that our rĂ´le was to help clients/patients/students achieve independence from us, *not* groom them into permanent dependence; the practitioner who goes that route is practising nothing but self-indulgence and ego cossetting.

Therefore, no guilt or negotiation on the part of the student/patient/client is necessary. Carers should be proud if a once-dependent progresses to not needing care any more, or needing less. A bit of leaving-the-nest nostalgia is permissible but if it isn't momentary, the practitioner should question their own motives for what they do.

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