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July 25, 2006



I adore the corgi breed. One of my furkids is a PWC mix. She is 8 and I am here to tell yah you are in for a lifetime of giggles and good times!! They are precious!!

Love your blog/site by the way ... just found it. Good job!! GIMP ON!


They're a great breed. And so cute! Congrats!


Wake up Sally, here I am properly.


A bit late, sorry Mumpy, but I have welcomed Maya on my page.


OOOOOO!!!!! For WONDERFUL! I was so saddened by your tragedy and I have no doubt Maya is as thrilled with YOU as you are with her. Congrtulations on your new baby.


My Cute Detector (patent pending) just overloaded and caught fire.

Back to the drawing board ...

Gimpy Mumpy

Maya is really amazing. She is 12-weeks old today and *fingers crossed* is fully house trained now! She came from a breeder who we spent a long time hanging out with, hanging out with their dogs and trading organic gardening tips. No one had wanted Maya because her markings were not "show quality", hmpf! I say they make her all the more precious. She is learning "sit" very fast but I will need the help of Mr. M for "come" since she is glued to me at all times :)

More updates soon....


How cute is she? I'm sure she's going to bring you loads of happiness.


She looks a honey! Tell us about her then - where did she come from, how old is she, how are you getting on together???

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