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July 31, 2006


Biggse McVacuum

ShopVac liposuction is, indeed, a legitimate and viable option for a start-up side business. It is a very simple procedure, and if proper sterilization and sanitation procedures are followed the whole thing is almost as simple as flicking the power switch on the vacuum. The most important thing is to employ a wireless webcam on the end of the crevice attachment/vacuum wand. This makes the whole procedure much easier. It's almost like a video game. (Another revenue stream,...)

Plus, if you run a special on the liposuction procedure around the holidays you can make and sell scented soaps and candles from the fat. The potential for a niche market is very big. I am working on a franchise system right now.


Liposuction should be carried out only by a qualified plastic surgeon and so it is better to get it done by an expert only. It this surgery is carried out in an unethical manner then it will lead to severe consequences in the future.

goretex rhinoplasty Philippines

How effective doing liposuction at home it sounds knew to me?


Allie Yaeger

There is no way liposuction or any other form of cosmetic surgery can be done at home. This sensitive procedures must always be done in a hospital or clinic with proper equipment to respond in any emergency. There is nothing wrong with having cosmetic surgery, just be safe and have it in a reputable clinic.


I can't believe the stupidity of some people, darwinism in effect i suppose. It is suicide i tells you

jane (


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading your post and read the comments. Really a nice post here!

cosmetic surgery breast enlargement

I see liposuction as a last resort, when your weight might be life-threatening and there isn't enough time to lose weight through other methods. There's always going to be risks involved with any type of surgery and it's all about assessing whether the risk is worth the outcome or is necessary.

Mommy Makeover

This would be very stupid. It's a medical procedure, how can someone think of doing this? I'm planning to have a liposuction, after giving birth last year, but I'll happen with one of the most famous plastic surgeons.

Liposuction Prices

I would never trust such a practice. I'd go to a doctor, no matter what the price is. Health is more important.

Plastic Surgery World

Not only liposuction but ALL types of plastic surgeries have complications and risks. These types shouldn't be DIY. Instead, consult a surgeon. Not only one but the most that you can. Choosing a surgeon is the most crucial part in plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles

I wouldn't do that. I would still have a liposuction, but should be in a hospital or clinic where they the complete devices in case of complications.


Liposuction at home?! it's like suicide stabbing yourself to death. If you can't afford it then don't put liposuction as one of your option to loose that extra pounds.

cosmetic surgery upland

Whooa! liposuction at home is a big for me.

Well I am having Liposuction


Can't say I'm surprised, really...but sad.

That appearance would matter so much that someone would try a profoundly unsafe method to change to something closer to "the ideal" or perfect.


I once liposucted a lipoma that had grown through my ribcage and through the muscles on my back. I could have had regular surgery to remove, but the docs thought liposuction would be less trauma and have a quicker recovery time. Gotta tell you... painful, bruised, and painful don't even begin to describe it. It seemed soooo small compared with other surgeries, but it was right up there. And, yeah, it was gross to watch.


Yeah, I'm afraid liposuction doesn't appeal to me in the least. Whether done with a shop-vac and a sharp knife, or many dollars worth of surgical gear it still just creeps me out. If you don't stop eating too much food then what's to stop you putting the weight back on. If you do then you go every year or so for a "tune up"?? ick


Personally, even havig assisted with liposuction procedures conducted in a proper operating theatre in a proper district general hospital, performed by properly qualified plastic surgeons, I would say "no" under any circumstances.

Ever seen a plumber or a drain-cleaning company trying to clear a blocked system? It's like that.

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