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July 10, 2006



Sorry to hear about your dog passing, but I think it's great that you memorialized him online. My min pin died 9/15/05 and I devoted a page to him on my ferret's website, (which is in disarray and has not been updated in quite some time and I really have to get moving on that since she is already halfway through her lifespan).

Here's my short ode to my dog, Rim, as well as a pic


I am so, so sorry.


Pets are like family, so many people without pets don't get that. I'm sorry to hear about your loss and hope you're doing ok.



Very sorry to hear such sad news. Pets bring such comfort and joy to us. It's so sad when they aren't there anymore.

He looked like a lovely doggie.

Thinking of you at this sad time.


oh I so feel your pain. I am so, so sorry for your loss of Toby.

We lost our rescue Lab Rudy in January, and still can't bring ourselves to get another furry child. We will soon I suppose.....may they both be running at Rainbow Bridge together....

here is Rudy


Mumpy, I know all about those holes in your heart. I'm so sorry.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you all so much.
**GF brings up a good point...Typepad was down all day yesterday, so I apologize to those frustrated by the inability to post comments.

The Goldfish

TypePad has been down every time I have tried to comment on this, but I did want to say how sorry I am to hear about Toby.

Do take care of yourself.


My heart just broke a little. Poor guy just wanted to run around and paid the ultimate price. It's tough to lose a family member even if it's "just a pet" as non-pet owners tend to describe them. At least Toby can run for hours on end now if he wants to. Definitely look into a rescue dog as there are way too many people out there fuelling the puppy mills of the pet industry when there are many good animals just sitting abandoned in shelters across the land.


Mumpy...I'm so sorry for your loss.

I've never had a pet as an adult, wished to. But I know from some very close online friends that Pets are family...

Remember them, and if/when you decide to adopt again...

It will be a different version of Cool Stuff with a Pet...


Ohhhhhhh,hon. I'm so sorry.


It's such a sad thing. Being a dog-person, and having had a few in our family, I feel for you now. It's as bad if not worse than losing a human. Thinking of you. x


Gimpy, I am so glad that you are thinking about adapting another dog. Believe me, you will find that the effort of looking after another companion animal, having to meet his or her needs, is the most valuable grief therapy you could have.

Also, if you adopt a rescue dog, in need of a home, you will be able in time to feel that Toby's death was not totally negative if it has given another animal a chance of a loving home.


If you are considering another companion animal, have a look at -
although it is a UK site, it may give you an idea of what you would like.
Toby would be proud.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you all. We are having a very hard time adjusting and dealing with not having Toby's smiling face greet us each day.

We were a family and now there is such a gaping void in our hearts, our lives, our home. We have begun to talk a bit about adopting another rescue would be nice to find something positive that could grow out of all of this sadness. I can't bear the thought of another "runner" so we need to give alot of thought what breed would be a good fit, especially with my limited activity levels and all. I never realized how much time I am alone (Toby was part of the family before I became injured and had to leave my job). We have fish and a ficus tree named Pedro but that just isn't the same.

Thank you all for being there *hugs*.


This is terrible news - I'm *so* sorry this has happened and I cannot begin to imagine how you and Mr. M must be feeling right now.

I'm sending love and warmth your way.


Dear Gimpy Mumpy
What a devastating day for you. I am so sorry, he was a fine companion, and handsome too. You will remember his character and place in your life with affection for many years, as I do my Sally, 10 years on.
Keep on keeping on.


Dear Mumpy, I am so sorry.


Sorry to hear about Toby.


I'm so sorry.

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