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August 07, 2006



i know what it is we all have the same doctors


No, it's not you. That's just wishful thinking on your part. You would just like to think you are, ahh, repulsive. It's the world. I can't get the same person twice anywhere. Insurance person, car mechanic, or barber. Even the guys selling great hot dogs from a cart disappeared on me. It's not you. It's me!

Colin Sullivan

I hate to be the one, but you suffer from, "Trotting Gimpy Mumpy Syndrome". This rare condition is initially magnetic to members of the medical fellowship, yet rapidly reverses polarity driving MD's from helping to cure you of this rare condition. This explanation is an abstract, of course. You know where to go to find a full explanation. God bless, Colin

Gimpy Mumpy

I think you're right Sally. I wouldn't even mind the role of pawn (well a pawn with asperations of Queendom) so much if someone could at least let me know the rules :)


I went through a time thinking I must be the cause - of whatever; but finally decided it could not be me, despite all the evidence/co-incidence that it was, when my 'bump's' new teacher left work the day after I had decided to have words with her (she had much louder bigger words with me) and died shortly (a few weeks) afterwards of cancer. Even I was able to realise that I was just a pawn in the universal game.
I know, sorry, that does not solve your problem of finding Doctor Number 28.

Gimpy Mumpy

Hmmmm....another thought has just occured to me. What if taking on my case has driven him to a nervous breakdown and a forced retirement? Now *that* is a reason that I can not only accept but can also believe. :P

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