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August 07, 2006



Well, it's not actually such good news, sadly.

On the surface, it's good news, yes. But this only serves to re-inforce in people's mind the link between a PET and a SERVICE ANIMAL. Service animals are not pets.

Considering the stories of service animals having been left forcibly behind during Hurricane Katrina, I hate to think what other nasties will happen as a result of "rescue workers" treating service animals as pets...

So, ok, they save all pets and send them to shelters. WIll they treat service animals that way, send the service animal to a shelter, hence separating it from its owner, distressing both, actually causing trauma that may mean the service animal won't be able to be used as such.

So, yes, a good idea, on the surface, but unless service animal owners in the US band together and make sure these issues are properly covered in the legislation, it would almost be better not to have the bill...

My 2 cents.

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