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September 30, 2006


steven davies

Poor puppy.I hope Maya soon will go out and play:)


Maya should have an exclusively designed "Hip Crip" stocking to be pulled over her cast.

Gimpy Mumpy

Hehehe, her ears really are adorable :)
She's doing much better and fortunately the xrays showed no fracture but she absolutely couldn't put any weight on that leg so the vet wanted to give is support for a week so it would heal. He felt it was a very bad sprain and that she also has very prominent growth plates in her legs which may have added to the pain. She adapted quite well to the cast though and went back to tormenting crickets, this time by bashing them with her cast!


Awwww, what shame, poor little Maya. Of course, this would be a great opportunity to for her to rest and really be spoiled by her owner but, animals, unlike us, just don't get it *sigh* So, she won't like it much, poor girl. What a beautiful dog she is! Fox like, so beautiful.

Now, I'm all guwey for seeing pics of her lol.


She wasn't dragged over in teh wind because of those massive ears was she? Here's to a speedy recovery!


Poor little dog, what was it, a greenstick fracture? Hope it doesn't take too long to mend.

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