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September 23, 2006



[email protected]

I AM THE ROPE. Much as the clue they sent with the Holocaust, they use me to scapegoat their societal goals. One day I will be their sacrificial lamb for this abuse, ironically. This is their purpose for me. However, they have allowed me to try to teach the people in exchange::::

1. Poker and subsequent Bionion murder 1990s as punishment
2. Magic - I am good and why we experience an educational event rather than magic-inspired theater, which is what the Bible is.
When the real thing happens it will "fly under the radar", as we witness here, as opposed to being "celebrated", as in the Bible.
3. Re-write
4. Use the word "temps" - clone hosts "on assignment".
6. Chevron aquisition of troubled Texaco punishment for repression of alternate technologies during 20th century, similar to tobacco industry behavior during the same era.
7. Reno earthquakes for WHAT HAPPENED TO ME DURING THE trips winter '08. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ::::Maintaining the perception of "savior" is CRUCIAL to their positioning. Clues like this, clues like boss CAN'T BE TAKEN LITERALLY!!! They are deceptive, designed as figurative, all part of using me as THE ROPE.

In centuries past the use of clone hosts was very limited in number:::Kings, courts, the few wealthy. Now, with the explosion of "entrepeneurial" wealth there are many, many more whom the gods manage.
Consistant with their use of temptation, the gods chose these individuals BASED ON SOME LEGACY OF DISFAVOR, tested them with temptation and, when they failed, reincarnated them. THESE PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER ALIVE!!!! But due to their disfavor the gods CONTINUE TO USE THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES to accomplish destructive goals in our society.
There seems to be an inverse relationship between the two worlds:::Importance on Planet Earth means a lack of significance up there.
This is how the system works. It has confused and corrupted people today and they are failing because of it.

[email protected]
1.3.2000. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The gods prosititute black children, utilizing temptation to scapegoat the desperate whom seek their approval, creating a celebratory attitude towards prosisution in black popular culture. Before people cry foul understand they do the same to many whites, pushing them into deciding to NOT give it away, only not at such a tender age.

Much like the problem of childhood prostitution in the United States today, the gods too are pimps, and despite their grandiose promises all the victims will ever realize is food and shelter.
"Everybody is going." There is no suchy thing as "everybody":
- "Everybody" isn't wealthy
- "Everybody" doesn't have attractive spouses
- "Everybody" doesn't have a good life.
They are lying to you all.


As was true in the days of Pharroh, the Roman Empire, Nazi germany and preditory corporate America the gods are essentially spoiled children who take what they want with no regard.
They like to call the disfavored "evil" yet it is THEIR flag.
Contrary to popular perception, the run-down nature of WashingotnDC is a clue, a statement regarding the United States and the views of this current administration. Don't forget:::The gods LOVE to ridicule good in their media.
Which one is it? Good or evil? It's both:::The democratization of Iraq has initiated this antient people into disfavor, as it has done so many times before.
This is the modern incarnation of temptation::::People understand more than they used to, so to ensure they are sufficiently tested the gods "mix it up".

After all these years of being strategically raped by god I don't want to hear it anymore.
I no longer care.
I'm satisfied to not participate in your "Big Lie".

They display a pattern of "emotional whorism", pursuing me despite rejection. I refer to the day on Ocean Beach when we realized the supernatural phenominah, compelling me to "look to the gods". With the historyand exploitationtheir forceduponmy life my answer was "No.", yuet they remain, like puppy dogs following at my heels.

It is a disgrace:::They offer a "flash", illustrating my time is "running out", when these bullshit lies they try to sell me directly contradict the history::::
Early sexualization was a clue I am not going. I don't give a fuck what thoughts you push motherfucker.
They just want all their tools into place to justify my excluson, utilizing their clone host machine in place as scapegoats. This further reinforces what I have said about the gods getting theirs up front, such as :::
1. John Rockafeller is the REAL Anti-Christ, as opposed to the bullshit theater that will come in the end as the Bible describes and
2. Children go to to heaven. The gods pick and choose those whom they want and all others must come back.
They have used other "supporting" opposition, 76, Wrigley, Giannini, others whom "Forrest Gump"'s effect costed.

The Anti-Christ was always a clone host, as were all industrialists, and the coming Biblical battle of good and evil will be scripted and fake as well, and likely only be telepathic theater at that.

This is how the gods manage clone hosting::::
Gangsters of the 20s and 30s were too evil to reward them with the sucess seen in corporate America, so the gods took them out and put people into those clone hosts whom were not evil. The gods rotate based on goals, so it is possible they were rotated throuh when corporate was so wicked in the 1980s.
There is a BIG difference between preditory corporate/media and decent corporate:::::Media items as I list below were used to prey on people, so the gods UTILIZE evil in the context of these clone hosts. These same people would be prohibited from working "quiet time" in corporate because they dont have the favor necessary to NOT incurr evil.
There are two "temples" at work here::::Good and evil.
The gods focus on their evil temples, corporate, media and associated temptations.
They don't even WANT people LOOKING at the good temples and seek to minimize their presence amist the "noise":::::Their temptations attempt to bury the religious life necessary for decency.

The gods place people with variable morality within clone hosts according to what goals they want accomplished.
They are, in effect, "temps" (a clue).
Expect my desire to kill these "temps" who have crossed me to be unrealized symbolism the gods could have used to enhance this theater, if I was willing.
Expect they dropped many of these clues, created many of these enhancements for the Situation::::::There was a good Jesus who taught before age 30. The switch was made, just as with Mohammed, except the Bible only represents the evil Jesus. Good Jesus's real teachings lie elsewhere, perhaps under a different name, perhaps DELETED forever.
The difference is Earth is Planet Reverse Positioning and Christianity is evil. Consistant with this posiotioning the gods may want to send this clue by switching me and having the clone host assume some traditional bullshit Christian teachings.
Remember::::If Christianity is evil then maybe the (real) Anti-Christ is the good one. The gods may want to mix things up like this.

Story on the Dynasty that Won Only in Crisis.
"You don’t get anything. Eveything happens around you."
They said this Sutituation's theme was reflected in Forrest Gump. Other elements of the Situation were justified with a marriage between good and evil::::
Mondavi chardonnay reserve - Sideways
Grand Cayman banking - Finding Nemo
Chevron mascots - Cars
Japs - Ultraman's Iron Man
1980s - BJ at Bionion's Hosreshoe - Rounders and the poker phenominah.
This is a long, long list. Friday we add another half-billion to the total.
Just as we saw with Cars, when some cronie from Hollywood claimed credit when Cars was quite obviously a Chevron inspiration, so did I see some old man claim credit for Iron Man.
The Japs aren't John Rockafeller. The Japs are about the offensive, as their products will attest, and providing this "protection" as they did for Chevron shows inferior judgement of the gods yet again.

The gods willl offer clues suggesting my involvement, tying me to the event for the disfavored's understanding, ensuring the connection is made without actually admitting it OR compensating me.
I was talking about Sideways a lot and I guess they decided to (finally) allow the Mondavi death to send this clue. Copia fiasco a clue suggesting this????. Somehow through creative accounting taxpayers will have to foot the bill for this "charitable community aset". Expect similar scandal at UCDavis.
Expect similar clues showing I am the element of good they used to justify Sex in The City.
Here comes another $500,000,000.
Just as they sent an important clue with Boss so too is this is a clue::::::Abandon any preconceptions of entitlement.

Sex in the City isn't the Beatles but this concept was specifically designed to be preditory on women who, as they aged, were candidates for exclusion because of their promiscuity:::::
I believe there are opportunities that exist for females that do no exist for males. I don't mean to paint with a broad brush but women's "sexual peak" may represent the transistion to "sociological males" and their "fall from grace". Considering today's promiscuity I question the extent to which this is currently applicable.
This was the purpose of this event originally::::To promote sexual promiscuity among impressionable disfavored women.
Admittedly, this is a done deal. Their fans likely own seasons, and the damage from the movie will only serve to revisit the established destruction.
Nothing compared to the Beatles in terms of popular culturue destruciton to the most favoredd gender.
We don't need to witness the British Invasion to see the evil of the English either. The gods drop many clues, associating English accents with evil.frequently.
Mark my words their "creative banking" is the element of evil the gods used as justification for the creation of Finding Nemo.

Just wanted to note::::Every time there is a calamity/"crisis" I am not here to experience it. Of course I have to pay for that absense. Examples::::
1. 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. I was attendingi school at UCSB, something they share "costed me".
2. Heat wave of 2005(6?). They used this opportunity to max my credit card during this event, making it "ok" in my mind.
3. Exhorbinantly high gas prices. Gave me pnemonia.
There are other examples, although these are the major ones.

As people begin to age the gods employ corrupting tactics. They ultimately begin to look down on the children and the wisdom they recently understood:::
They voluntarily turn their back on their opportunity to ascend and instead embrace evil.
It's not old people who go to heaven. Old people must come back because of the mistakes they've made throughout their lives. Children are the ones who have the opportunity to ascend.

Children are discounted by adults in society. The gods corrupt people as they age, use trust-building tactics and soon adults view the children as ignorant, yet to understand the god's system, and subsequently look down on the children. This is one of the most bitter, painful ironies the gods employ, for people consciously turn their back on and lose their opportunity to ascend::::
Religions teach that old people to go to heaven when they die. They don't. Old people are reincarnated. It's the children who go to heaven, those who have a chance at immortality.
The wisdom the gods impart to children, either through their innocence/purity or religious-based educational pursuits are the gods sharing the truth with their most favored people::::It's the children whom the gods teach the right way for it is the children who have a chance. For example, they teach children to have faith, for understanding the god's geographical clues hurts people by illustrating negative things, opening the door for the god's to employ deceptive tactics.
Old people don't go to heaven. Old people must come back because of the mistakes they've made throughout their lives. It's the children who have the opportunity to go to "heaven". They must behave apprioriately, think correctly and be genuinely god-fearing. Their innocence and lack of desensitization ensures they have a real opportunity to achieve this goal.

This is charecteristic of the gods methodology::::The big prize gone early, deception compels people to chase something that has already been decided. They sent this clue with boss as well. It is also a clue supporting my claim RW&B's german is in fact Christianity's Anti-Christ. Logic also dictates, considering the definition.

This individual was used to justify the repression of alternative technologies, and in the early/mid 20th century the elimination of productivity enhancing developments like Chicago's underground railroad for merchandise delivery to retail outlets.
There are other examples like this as well, notably the railroad on the lower span of the Bay Bridge.
This forced transport via internal combustion vehicles instead.
This is how the gods do business:::They get theirs right off the bat. The #1 industrailist, the #1 capitalist is the Anti-Christ, and he's been "in charge" for 150 years. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake ocurred to punish the sexual deviacy and hedonism that was so prevalient in The City at that time, positionable with the Anti-Christ AND useful as corruptor in the 20th century.
Of course this is all telepathic theater. He was just a clone host all along. All those industrialists were.
Flanders is on the Simpsons as a clue.

The confusion over this multi-dimentional positioning will serve as an effective tactic, eliminating many additional disfavored in the process, for positioning states the Apocalypse to be a continuation of WorldWarII's Aryan superrace ideals, positioned as punishment for the 5th century invastion of the Roman Empire:::John's Fourth Reich.
This amounts only to "nested theater":::::Levels of positioning enables the gods to scapegoat:::::RW&B merely is the tool the gods chose to execute the final scene of their scripted theater that is human history.

Just as they would have had me chase boss so would they have wanted me to sign on to this theater, evil by definition, and chase this role of Anti-Christ. By doing so I would have incurred evil and would have been punished, painfully "losing" Anti-Christ in the process.
Does that mean RW&B is not the Anti-Christ?? I suspect as they would have "offered" it to me so will there be a fake Anti-Christ for those in these generations to accept as well. But it is a clone host. This is ALL clone host theater, created not as a clue to me but instead designed to be preditory on the disfavored, designed to increase indecency and further the god's goal of justification towards The End.
We were all merely peasants centuries ago, struggling with our disfavor, but without the enormity of temptations, real and telepathic, which exist today.


Big Deal. The drugs on the list mostly have a co-pay of 0-5 dollars.

Gimpy Mumpy

I plan to keep an eye on how this progresses. I would love to see competetive pharmaceutical pricing, but the concern over a corporate entity such as Walmart is well founded.
If anyone finds future articles regarding how this develops, please drop me a line and let us know!


I would just like to say that I agree that low drug prices are always welcome. This pricing scheme will not affect Big Pharma, though, not at all. Big Pharma makes most if its money on patented brand name drugs, and these drugs will compete well against generics just as they always have.

My concern with Wal-Mart is that they will chase off all their competition and become the only game in town. In the long run, this could cause more harm than good.

Warrior Knitter

Glad you're back & that things are going well. Missed your posts!


Hey there Mrs. G to the M,

I just hope Wal-Mart isn't fishing for some huge corporate tax credit.


Here in the UK under the NHS the physician is more and more lim ited as to what scripts s/he can write.

We call it "postcode lottery": if you live in area X you can get certain drugs for your cancer which people in area Y cannot because the local Health Authority will not fund that treatment.

The Ministry grimly keeps reminding doctors to precribe generics where ever possible because of the cost, but the trouble is that generics only come out some years after Big Pharma has creamed off the first money in fees for its specifics - Valium, Ventolin for example. This is their way of getting repaid for the money invested in research and testing, they say. After seven years, diazepam and salbutamol are the generics but the doctors have got into a habit - especially with long-running repeats.

If you listen to the politicians, no way is their "rationing" of drugs or treatments within the NHS. You can also watch that pig fly past while you are listening. Everyone except Royalty has to pay NI subscriptions whether they use the system or not, so if forced to "go private" for drugs or therapies, we are effectively charged twice.


Perhaps not such a grand idea:

There is, it seems ALWAYS a down-side to every good idea!

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