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October 08, 2006



I just came across your blog when looking up information about emergency contact symtpoms. I take phenergan on a daily basis for persistent nausea. I agree, if it even sits on your tongue for a second it is incredibly bitter. Have you tried the oral suspension? It's green and tastes absolutely horrid but it works quicker than the pill.

Also have you tried sea bands, they are motion sickness bands that go around your wrist and help with pressure points. I've tried them but I think it's more mind over matter in my case.


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Cara Fletcher

Depression meds' side effects can be very annoying sometimes and that's why I avoid taking them because I don't believe that they really help.

Cara Fletcher

Marmiteboy the side effects depend on the type of drugs you're taking.I have also showed anxiety attack symptoms and had to take some anti anxiety drugs and there were no side effects in my case.Another thing I can say is that the effect depends on the person.


Yes! so hold.e

Alexandra Lynch

I am also on antivert for unexplained vertigo issues.

And antinausea medication DOES come in another form.

A suppository.

Phenergan does, at least.


I'm always a little confused by the side affects of some drugs. I take an anti -anxiety drugs called Citalopram and whilst it is very good one of the possible side affects is 'anxiety'. Not realy helpful.


Some pharmacies will remix meds with your choice of flavoring to make it taste better.


I think you need to spearhead some research along the lines of cheesecake as a medication delivery medium. Or maybe some antivert chocolates are in order?


Ha! I love it when depression meds say 'May cause drowsiness' on the bottle. Like depression doesn't make you tired enough. And, I have migraines triggered from high blood pressure, and I'm taking hypertension meds which 'may cause headaches.' Sometimes the cure is at least as bad as the kill.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thanks Nickie for the info on Zofran, I'll check that out! I like your blog by the way. Now I'm interested in RSD and will be doing a bit of Googling about that one. I'm always curious about conditions I haven't heard about before.
Thanks for stopping by! :)


Antivert made me more dizzy when I took it. My only experience with anti-nausea meds is using Zofran. That comes in small pills, and they have practically no taste. It's incredibly expenseive without insurance, though.


I take Serc, which is a similar drug, except that I have to take it 8-hourly during attacks, the idea being to keep a constant level in the blood and pre-empt symptoms (it can take four hours or more for substances taken orally to reach the bloodstream in sufficient concentration).

TBH, I don't really know if it works. I suspect the condition comes and goes as it pleases, and the motion-sickness pills effect is only marginal.

You are right about the unintended problems! The worst example of that I ever met was ergotamine prescribed for migraine attacks: it had to be taken at *precisely* the right moment, ideally just *before* any symptoms appeared, as if you took it too late it would have no effect, but if you took it too early it would actually *cause* an attack!

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