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November 19, 2006


Gimpy Mumpy

Hahaha, I guess my post was about as scattered as I felt last night. :)

I've been having vertigo, dizziness, nausea and headache which they figure is from the arachnoid cyst but this past week the headaches became severe and I called my doctor. She wanted me to come in today, Monday but they still couldn't get me in any sooner with the neurosurgeon. Then this weekend I started having a tingling sensation like pins & needles in my lips. When it spread to my tongue, roof of my mouth and down into my throat I got scared and called my doctors office. The on call doc said it couldn't wait until my appointment today and that I had to call 911 for ambulance. I was scared enough to go with his advice and although I called my mom first I called 911 and had the police and ambulance here in minutes. They had to be sure it wasn't stroke which I guess is why they needed to get my blood pressure down and the IV fluids and such. I think my blood pressure was just spiking due to the pain in my head and the stress of the situation.
The up side is that it wasn't stroke. The down side is that the tingling hasn't gone away and my doctor and the ER folks couldn't do anything for me but run tests. I'm still playing the waiting game for the neurosurgeon but at least I have a CT scan to add to the MRI I'll be bringing to that appointment! :)
**Oh, and they think the tingling is from the cyst putting pressure on the glausopharygial nerve.
***And yes, the EMTs were that cute! :P


Am I missing something here? Just why did you have to take a trip to the ER? (Don't tell me the paramedics are that handsome!) And just what do you mean, stabilize? Come clean with your recent medical history, girl, the world awaits.


I hope you're doing alright and that the donut was worth it. Next time just go get the coffee and donut okay?

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