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November 01, 2006



Class site.
Your site has very much liked me.
Different work!!!

Agent Fang

Dear Mumpy, I'm so sorry to hear this. It did rather sound like you knew there was something more up than previously thought. I'm at least glad it's been found - look after yourself and hug Maya lots and lots when you need to. Everything's crossed for ya. XXX


I'd have to say I understand why you'd feel edgy, given your past experience with docs. Take heart though as they aren't all hacks. Charles beat me to the linking deal as that's the same link I came up with from Google. All I can suggest is learn what you can so you can make an informed choice. pet your doggie and wait for the plan to come together and soon you'll be moving about with all the falling over.

Good luck and I wish you well.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thanks CD for the link info. They seem like a very supportive community :)

WCD, thank you for your well wishes :) Although I act like a tough girl about the whole thing and makes lots and lots of jokes I have to admit that this one makes me nervous. I guess part of the fear is from bad experiences with docs from my spine problems and now to have docs possibly putting holes in my head?? Yeah, I'm getting a bit scared. Thanks again! :)


Hi GM,

I have no experience with anything like this. Wishing you very well.... it sounds scary.




Hi Mumpy, if you haven't already discovered The Arachnoid Cyst Foundation I urge you to visit their website:
where you will find loads of information. Good luck and give Maya a biscuit for me.

Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you AL :) It has been a bit more difficult lately to maintain my blog but at the same time my recent problems make communicating so much more important!! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far and have just bookmarked your wonderful blog as well. :)

AL Masters

I do not have experience, but wish you all the best. I love your blog, and feel you are probably a nice person. Good luck and I will watch for updates.

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