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November 06, 2006


vertigo symptoms causes

Central vestibular disorders that may cause vertigo include the following:

* Cardiovascular disorders (e.g., bradycardia [slowed heart rate], tachycardia [rapid heart rate])
* Central nervous system (CNS) disorders (e.g., stroke [brain attack], brain hemorrhage)
* Head trauma
* Migraine (30–50% of patients experience vertigo)
* Multiple sclerosis (MS; may occur when demyelination affects the brainstem or cerebellum)


Hi Gimpy - the Escher picture perfectly shows the nightmares I walked through when a very young child. A premonition of Meniere's to come in adult life. I am catching up with blogs and am very sorry to have missed your earlier posts - I am thinking of you daily.

AL Masters

Mumpy, I have been in a wheelchair practically all my life, and at only 5'1" I am sitting very close to the ground. I have a friend that is 6'10", and my father is 6'5". I wanted to know what it felt like to be 6'10", so I ask another friend with a fork-lift to hoist me and my wheelchair high enough to equal 6'10". I had never experienced Vertigo until that day. I almost passed out, and got so sick that I eventaully threw-up after he lowered me to the ground. It was an interesting experience.

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