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January 01, 2007



MS is rare, but dreadful


But the real question that is burning in all of our minds is did you make up for the slack in consumption of chocolates and the like once you arrived home?

I hope the medical types can get their act together this new year and figure it all out for you Mumpy!

Gimpy Mumpy

Thank you all :)

Sally-That is not a silly question at all. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get all of the specialists to remove their heads from their *ahem* bottoms and speak to someone outside of their specialty. This means a lot of extra work on my part to keep them all informed.
B4B-I will look into the heavy metal poisoning. It's definitely worth checking into and if I could be cured, then all the better! :)
Tim-The absolute worst was going without chocolate. I don't think I've EVER had a holiday without chocolate. I hope to never have to repeat it!


Mumpy, good to hear from you - have been thinking of you going through your med appointments - but who could imagine they would do that to you over Christmas ! That is just not fair.
Some of the tests you went through sound similar to ones for Meniere's - there is a link on my page if you need any info.
Sounds as though you have many inter-connecting conditions - do the medical people inter-connect and share their knowledge of your conditions, so that they work together in helping you ?
Was that a really silly question !?


If you feel you have MS, you may have heavy metal poisoning. I had all the symptoms of MS but that's what I had and I am cured now. Watch out for traditional doctors, they don't know better.


(Damn, clicked the wrong button ...)

That all sounds bad, Miss Mumpy, and not being able to eat and drink to one's heart's content at Christmas must've taken some serious self-control - I applaud you for achieving it! I would've fallen at the first hurdle ...


Happy New Year to you, too!

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